Kospet Optimus Pro
Kospet optimus

Two independent processors, two different operation systems

In the normal smart watch mode, the MTK6739 quad-core processor is responsible for the calculation of intelligent applications. When the watch is switched to the Persistent Mode, the lower power consumption Bluetooth chip NRF52840 is responsible for relatively simple data processing, and the watch will be mainly used for functions such as time display.

One hour of charging enables one week of standby

Kospet Optimus equips with an in-built battery of 800mAh, which can be use for 2-3 days under the mode of 4G; when switched to Persistent Mode, it will realize super long standby time of 7 days, only needs to be charged once a week.

Dual System enables the smartwatch
to “Always Display Time”.

Optimus applies the newest dual system solution. When set to Long standby Mode, the watch can “Always Show Display Time”.

Upgraded ceramic watch bezel, dual
improved color and hardness

It applies the most advanced ceramic manufacturing technology in the industry. Each ceramic watch bezel has went through 25 processes, 300 hours of carving, which brings up its pure color, lightweight, strong wear resistance, and 30% increased hardness.

Unprecedented Luxury Texture

Optimus applies a ceramic watch bezel with high-end material that has the same texture as a premium brand watch, revealing luxurious feature.

Removable strap design enables the user to replace the watchband freely.

Optimus delivers with a silicone watchband. You can buy Kospet's official two-layer “silicone + leather” watchband on Kospet’s authorized website or online shop. You can also buy other 24mm wide watchband on the market and replace them on your own.

AMOLED Retina Display

Kospet Optimus uses a 1.39” AMOLED retina screen with a display resolution of 454*454 and a PPI of up to 372. The human eye cannot recognize a single pixel on the screen, bringing you a super-clear visual experience.

Professional sports management App

During the exercise, it helps you record your distance, calories, heart rate and other data completely, and also saves the records.

Dual 4G-LTE supports VoLTE high quality voice call.

Support 4G networks of FDD LTE and TDD LTE and VoLTE high quality voice calls, and also support TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, GSM and other 3G and 2G networks, network frequency covering most countries and regions including Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Australia.

8.0MP Camera

The side of the watch equips with an 8.0MP camera. The picture quality is clear and bright, convenient for you to record these beautiful moments in life.

3GB RAM+32GB ROM enables the system to run more smoothly.

Equipped with MTK6739 quad-core processor, it has a main frequency up to 1.25ghz; equipped with 3GB RAM+32GB ROM high configuration, the system still runs smoothly with dozens of third-party application downloads.

Using Bluetooth Earphone to achieve private calling or enjoy stereo music
IP67 Water Proof

It supports IP67 water-proof and can be immersed in 1 meter water without flow for more than 30 minutes; in daily life, there is no need to fear the watch water when raining, washing your hands.

Custom Watch faces Setting

Watch with network can download hundreds of different styles of faces setting, and you can also choose a favorite picture as the setting of dial. If you have any good idea, you can contact us by email. Maybe our designer will design a dial setting for you.

Android7.1.1 System

Based on the deep development of Android7.1.1 system, it is supports full set of Google official apps such as Google Store, Google Map, Google Voice, etc. Users can download third-party apps through Google Store or the in-built software mall built.

Connect your watch to your phone in three steps.