Kospet Hope
Kospet Hope

Ceramic Bezel

The longstanding persuit of art drove us to
make several attempts on selecting the
material and craft of the bezel. The
ceramics was finally chosen for its profound
historical and cultural origins and its
popularity among artists. Furthermore,
the modern technology has gifted it more
superior characteristics. Die-cast forming,
1600℃ sintering and advanced dyeing tech not
only cast the jade-like luster on it, but also
made it as tough as metal. Kopest Hope is
absolutly a piece of art from every aspect.

A piece of art, A piece for business


1.39''AMOLED display

Kopset is provided with 1.39'' AMOLED
display which was praised as "the next
display technology" since birth.
Compared with traditional LCD display tech,
AMOLED has wider visual angle, higher
contrast and lower power dissipation.


Dual 4G-LTE, global frequency bands
Feel free to travel all over the world

Kospet Hope supports dual 4G-LTE, like TDD LTE and FDD LTE, and 5
types of network and 23 kinds of frequency bands including WCDMA,
TD-SCDMA, GSM,etc, covering most of the countries and regions in
the world. Feel free to travel everywhere, enjoy the super fast online
experience brought by dual 4G, only with a watch in hand.

The first 3GB+32GB smartwatch in the world

Kospet is powered by MTK6739 quad-core prossessor comprised of 4×A53 cores with 1.25GHz dominant
frequency. We firstly used the 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM in this watch, leading to a high-end smartwatch
era which is aimed to bring extremely smooth using experience to the end customer. The watch packed
Android 7.1.1 system. You can download more funny applications through Google Play Store.

8.0MP camera

Record every beautiful moment at your wrist

9 kinds of professional sports modes

9 different sports modes are available in the watch, including running, football,
badminton, etc. Start the sports modes, and your exercise data like time,
distance, and heat will be recorded and saved for your next check.

Heart rate monitor

A new PPG heart rate sensor using PixArt technology was
built in Kospet Hope, increasing the monitor accuracy by
more than 60% while largely reducing the power dissipation.
You can check your heart rate condition in time on exercising,
adjusting your exercise accordingly in avoid of any
health accident.

GPS +GLONASS dual positioning system

The built-in GPS+GLONASS dual satellite positioning system has larger
signal cover, able to detect the location and outdoor sports trail with more accuracy.

Detachable strap, your watch is at your disposal

The original strap of Kospet Hope was made by pure silicone, breathable, comfortable and durable. Except for that,
Kospet provides Leatherette strap which will be sold at Kospet authorized stores and shops. You can
change it by yourself with very simple steps. Now your watch is totally at your disposal.

IP67 waterproof

Kopset support class IP67 waterproof
the watch can be flushed or briefly soaked

Custom dials, carrying love with you all the time

Kospet Hope not only possesses dozens of officially designed watch faces, classical dials
and massive ones online for downloading, but also supports custom watch faces.
You can custom your own unique watch faces with pictures of your lover, children or yourself.

Raise your hand to wake up the watch screen

When you want to check your watch, raise your hand to wake up the screen for the latest information

Kospet smartwatch APP Wiiwatch2

With new smartwatch APP Wiiwatch2, Kopset can be bound to synchronize data, check daily sports info
and set up the exercise goal and modes through simple scanning in the APP.

Scanning QR to install APP


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