Kospet Brave
Kospet Brave
kospet brave

Pragmatic bluetooth calls function
Watch can replace your cell phone to call

Brave adopts bluetooth 4.0 technology. We developed bluetooth calls App for it. You can use
watch to answer or call telephone when you can not use cell phone conveniently.


Water-proof rating reaches international universal standard IP68

Kospet Brave water-proof property can meet IP68 water-proof and dust-proof rating standard defined in IEC 60529 Ed.2.2:2013
completely and can be immersed in 1.5-meter deep clean water without flow for 30 minutes continuously.

IP68 Water-proof watch

With IP68 water resistance rating, it's fine for you to shower
 and bathe whilst wearing Kospet brave but shouldn't be taken
into a swimming pool (we don't recommend swimming with it.)

Dual 4G-LTE network

Watch supports independent call and network access

Brave possesses TDD LTE and FDD LTE two kinds of 4G network
systems and supports 23 network frequency bands covering global
most of countries and regions. You can use Brave call or access
network to obtain the latest news information.Brave will be your
best assistant for your business trip or your way to travel.

Detachable watch strap

Common consumer can change watch band one-handedly

Brave ex-factory standard conf iguration is silica watch strap. We will provide officially customized
watch straps of different materials for consumer to select.The width of watch is 24mm.You
can buy the watch strap of this specification in the market to replace by yourself. It is worthy
of possessing the watch with more specific characters.


Multiple motion modes
monitorvarious motion data in real time

Watch built-in eight kinds of professional motion modes explore more wide world

Exercise heart rate monitoring
focuses on your health in real time.

You can measure present heartbeat rate through Brave built-in heart rate monitoring
App.After motion mode is started, system will also record your heart rate data
in real time and focuse on your helath during the process of motion.

Note: The heart rate of normal people in a quiet state is 60-100 times per minute and can be different based on different ages,genders or other physiologic
factors. In addition, the product is not medical apparatus and instruments. Test data is for reference only and can not be used as the basis of treatment.

Access internet by WIFI to wander
the internet world freely.

The internet access speed of 2.4GHz WIFI supporting protocol
based on 802.11 b/g/n is fast and connection is stable.
It has very strong capacity of resisting disturbance.
Brave will bring you very fast internet experience.

MTK quad-core processor and 2GB+16GB large memory

Main frequency can reach 1.2GHz by adopting MTK quad-core processor. System data can be handled efficiently and rapidly.
More than ten Apps can be operated at back stage at the same time by 2GB RAM. 16GB ROM can save one
TV drama of more than ten episodes or thousands of songs.

It is one watch and one miniature smart cell phone
by adopting Android system as well.

Customize deeply based on Android M operation system. Built-in Google Play Store,Google Map,Google voice search
etc complete set of Google service.You can download mass application and use watch to send text message, check weather, internet
access and network game etc. Brave is also one Android smart cell phone with complete function.

Whatever you want, you can choose mass watch face

The biggest difference of smart watch from traditional watch in appearance is that you can change different watch face
interfaces at any time.Except for the watch face designed specially for Brave,you can download on-line hundreds of present
most popular watch faces.Only if you are willing, you can use different watch faces for your watch every day.

Kospet Brave uses Fun Do smart watch assistant App

Fun Do App is designed for sports, The software will record your movement distance, speed, altitude, calories
burned, etc. in real time, and carry out scientific data analysis, Will also produce your exclusive
sports report, You can get the recent sports situation more intuitively

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