The World's Best Smartwatch KOSPET PRIME 2

Is it necessary to wear a smartwatch? Smartwatch is not a necessity, without it, it will not have a big impact on our lives, but with it, it can actually improve the quality of our work, study, and life.

In fact, people’s lives are getting better and our incomes are gradually increasing, so the demand for electronic products is also higher and higher, such as mobile phones and computers, which are basic necessities, and then we also start to buy and use smart bracelets, Smartwatches, projectors, VR glasses, and other high-tech products to improve the quality of life.

With the development of smartwatches, more and more functions can be realized, including:

Movement function. Basic exercise data detection, automatic detection of multiple exercise modes, including running, swimming, cycling, yoga, strength training, etc., supports 3 or even 4 types of satellite positioning systems to provide more accurate motion trajectories and provide exercise effect evaluation, Introductory to advanced courses in running, professional evaluation of running posture, etc.

Physiological monitoring. Common heart rate detection, sleep detection, pressure detection, and blood oxygen detection, provide breathing training, integrate multiple parameters to improve a health index, and better assess physical conditions;

Daily life entertainment. The more common NFC, payment, message reminders, alarm clocks, and some support AI voice assistants; then also support Bluetooth calls, eSIM independent calls, music playback, and those who can install apps can also send emails, view maps, and use sports apps. Its functions have become more abundant, equivalent to a reduced version of the mobile phone, of course, it can only be a replacement partially.

In addition, smartwatches have the decorative attributes of watches, and many manufacturers have carefully designed the appearance, providing many dial styles and strap options, which are very pleasing to watch even if they are just watching.

Therefore, smartwatches can be used by people who have sports and health needs, or daily entertainment, such as NFC payment, message reminders, alarm clocks, answering calls, making calls, or listening to music, which lightly replaces the functions of mobile phones (Install the app to use).

We are going to recommend a smartwatch with high-cost performance - KOSPET PRIME 2 Smartwatch

The world’s first 2.1"full-round retina display.

With IPS wide-viewing-angle technologies and 480 x 480 pixels, it generates 16.7 million colors and higher pixel density in 323 PPI. This display can reproduce color correctly and display the picture, it's sharp enough to the human eye to not have the ability to see individual pixels.

The world’s largest full-round smartwatch

A rear disc brake and a twist-grip electrical brake on the left permit you to cease within minutes. Its bright headlight, blue sidelights, and brake light are perfect for nighttime riding, give you a safe riding environment.

The world's highest megapixel smartwatch

PRIME 2sports a Sony IMX214 image sensor (the same as one plus), it has 13MP effective pixels, also it is autofocus.

Position 12 o’clock

Most watches in the marketplace design the camera at 3 o'clock, making it hard
For shooting and framing at the right angle. We enhanced the camera PRIME 2 in the Ideal place at 12 o'clock, so it has the Exact Same picture effects as the back camera of the telephone, Enabling You to shoot high-quality photos whatever you want.

90-degree rotatable camera

We designed the camera to be rotatable, and one camera can realize post-shooting and self-portrait at the same time

The world’s largest battery capacity smartwatch

Battery life is essential to the consumer experience of Android watches. On the PRIME 2 version, we once more visually improved the battery capability to 1600mAh, which has improved the capacity by 70% when compared with other manufacturer products, and the endurance was even more updated.

The world’s first octa-core smartwatch

Helio P22 comes with a 12nm manufacturing Procedure and is made up of eight cores depending on the Cortex-A53 structure A Power IMG GE8320 in 650 MHz lets to operate big 3D Software perfectly.

The world’s first 4GB+64GB memory smartwatch

PRIME 2 is outfitted with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, which permits you to run large-scale 3D online games and perform different videos easily on the watch. A number of programs may be run in the background of this watch without freezing. Bigger storage may bring more convenience for your own life, you can save more music/video/files, etc.

Powered by Android10, Google Play Service

Compared with the preceding edition, Android 10 has generated tens of thousands of optimizations concerning new attribute encounters, user privacy, and safety. It's definitely the safest and most feature-rich Android program. PRIME 2 has been optimized and updated based on the Android 10 program. We've retained the nighttime manner of Android 10, redesigned the Whole system interaction and UI icons, additional several interactive special effects, and also added that a menu interface like Android Wear

0.1s fast face unlock

Prime 2 utilizes the 13MP autofocus camera, which improves light sensitivity and optimizes face recognition. This camera allows you to unlock the watch just by a hand raise

4G Global Network frequency band

It supports TDD LTE and FDD LTE system, which is compatible with the system
Frequency bands of the majority of nations and areas on the planet. Additionally, it supports Vo-LTE HD voice calls, this view joins you to the world where you journey

GPS +GLONASS +Beidou triple satellite positioning

Prime 2 supports the following navigation methods: GPS/ GLONASS / Beidou. Donating quicker, more precise, and reliable tracking functionality. It's Google Maps, and Permit You to use a navigation system anywhere in the world


If you have been wanted to buy a smartwatch but still can't make up your mind after choosing among so many products in the market, then don't hesitate to choose KOSPET PRIME 2 Smartwatch, it will definitely exceed your expectations.