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Kospet Holiday Best Smartwatch Gift Guide 2021

Kospet Holiday Best Smartwatch Gift Guide 2021

Christmas is coming! We could all use extra cheer! The holidays are a time to wrap our arms around family and friends. It’s the season of giving – let it also be the season of giving wisely. After this year many of us separated from the special people in our lives. Now is the time to reconnect with them in a meaningful way with the gift of time. We admit that we might be slightly biased, but we think that smartwatches are the perfect gift. When you give someone a smartwatch, you give them the gift of time and help your loved ones improve their overall health and wellbeing. Smartwatch isn’t a throwaway gift that makes the recipient always think of you.

Kospet holds the belief that smartwatch quality assurance is the path of excellence.  We are passionate about guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction through the efficiency of processes designed to support customer activity fully and promptly. They’re a great gift for everyone on your list and are now on sale for a limited time. Starting on December 8, you can get up to $80 off on select Kospet products with our Holiday Sale.* But the promo won’t stop there!


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Android Smartwatches

Kospet Optimus 2 is one of those unique gems that we rarely get in the tech market, this is how I envisioned smartwatches when they first appeared and not just a needy accessory to your smartphone. Kospet Optimus 2 does make a compelling argument with its ability to cramp up pretty much the entire experience of an Android smartphone into the small body of a smartwatch.

  • Android 10.7
  • 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • Dual Chip Dual Mode
  • 13MP Camera with Flashlight
  • 31 Sports Modes
  • 1.6 inch display, 1260mAh + 1000mAh Power Bank 


Kospet Prime 2 takes the smartwatch design to a different level. It offers a bigger display and showcases an exquisite design on the big chassis. Fully powered by an Android 10 system, in addition to an Helio P22 processor. Although the price is a bit high, don’t worry, you get what you pay.

  • Android 10
  • 4GB RAM 64GB ROM
  • 13MP Rotatable Camera
  • 9 Sports Modes
  • 2.1 inch display, 1600mAh battery


The look of Kospet Prime S with the side bump camera. It gives it a rather unique, almost futuristic look and isn’t a design you’ll find in other smartwatches. The build qualify of Prime S is similar to Optimus 2, with a ceramic middle portion sandwiched between an upper and lower tough plastic part. It also comes with an easily-replaceable silicon strap that’s comfortable to wear.

  • Android 9.1
  • Dual Chip, Dual Modes
  • 1GB RAM 16GB ROM
  • Dual Camera 8.0MP + 5.0MP
  • 1.6 inch Display, 1050mAh Battery


If you like a Smartwatch with a large screen, Kospet Note is the best choice. Since it includes a 2.4-inch screen that leaves the vast majority of smartwatches behind. In its configuration, its metal body stands out, its two cameras, one front, and one side, and its screen manufactured by SHARP, synonymous with panel quality.

  • 2000mAh Battery
  • 3GB RAM 32GB ROM
  • Dual Camera 2.0MP + 8.0MP
  • Android 7.1, Fast Face ID Unlock


Rugged Smartwatch

The style of Kospet Rock is that of a classic rugged smartwatch and is therefore characterized by the appearance of a military tactical watch. Thanks to its resistance it's the perfect smartwatches for those who have a busy job or are passionate about sports. The most positive aspect is the resistance to shocks, falls, diving, and extreme temperatures. 

  • 20 Sport Modes
  • 350mAh Battery
  • 3ATM Waterproof
  • Heart Rate/Blood Pressure/ Blood oxygen Monitor


Sports Smartwatch

Kospet Magic 4 includes enhancements from appearance design to internal performance and is suitable for men and women. The circular body is more suitable in our pursuit of beauty. The circular rotating display design is also more convenient for use. The improved screen display, resolution, density, and CPU greatly enhance the experience during use. Containing all the functions of Magic 3, the more humanized functions of the Magic 4 are better for the wearer.

  • 20 Sport Modes
  • 10 Days Battery Life
  • 50 Meters Waterproof
  • Heart Rate/Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Menstrual Cycles Reminder


No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, a smartwatch makes an excellent gift. If you still can’t decide which collection is best for that special someone on your list, we’re always here to help. We hope you have the perfect gift for your loved ones this year—happy shopping!


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