7 basic sports preparations for newcomers

Fitness has always been a very hot topic discussed by everyone. Whenever people have free time, we will choose to go to the gym, and some people will set aside specific time for regular work out activities. So, what is the fun of exercise? What can it bring us? What do we need to prepare for it? Let us discuss these questions together.

The three benefits of exercise

1. Release the pressure of life and work

Living in a high-pressure society, there are so many things that have to face every day, and some people are not easy to handle it which suffer from psychological depression, negative energy, etc. Sweating is a good way to relax. Runners have such experiences and feelings, and their mood will change as soon as they run when encounter troubles.

Researchers have found that the human body produces a substance called "endorphins" during running. "Endorphins" can make people's body and mind in a relaxed and happy state. "Endorphins" are therefore also called "happiness hormones" or "youth hormones". They can make people feel happy and satisfied, and help people to relieve stress and unhappiness.

2. Help us build confidence to meet challenges

Losing enthusiasm for life and depression can make a man feel helpless, incompetent, and unable to put anything in the right place. So, the easiest solution is to start exercising. At the beginning of fitness, you can set yourself a basic exercise goal. After accumulating and persevering for a long time, you will feel very excited and happy every time you make progress.

Long-term fitness not only develops good living habits but also makes our body healthier. Such joy and positive energy make people feel confident. Turning self-confidence like fitness into faith brings challenges and pressures in life.

3、Get better sleep than before

A good night’s sleep will improve people’s concentration, productivity and put us in a good mood. Exercise is the key to good sleep. Regular exercise can help people fall asleep faster and make people sleep deeper.

7 basic items for going to the gym

If you really want to stick to the exercise of fitness, then you still need to prepare some necessary sports equipment.
And there are some people who just started to go to the gym and don't know what necessities should be prepared for the first time to go to the gym, so today let us talk about the necessary equipment to go to the gym.

1. Sports bottle, water cup (large capacity).

In the process of our fitness activities, it is very important to properly hydrate the body! And in most cases, whether it is for muscle gain or fat loss, we will have little or no contact with sugary drinks, so you need a large-capacity water bottle that is easy to carry. The large-capacity water bottle allows you to avoid the need to spend your extra time refilling water, and you do not need to deliberately use your extra brain to control your drinking water.

However, it is still recommended to drink small sips. Drinking too much water at one time will directly enter the blood circulation, and the increase in blood volume will directly increase the load on the heart, so do not drink too much water.

2. Sports shoes

A pair of suitable sports shoes may be more important than a lot of equipment. Don't give priority to the price of shoes, because a pair of comfortable shoes is about whether you can stick to the exercise of fitness.
If you mainly want to reduce fat for running, it is recommended to choose running shoes with good shock absorption performance, which can reduce the impact damage to the knees, ankles, and other parts during running. If training with heavyweights, it is recommended to buy special flat-soled sports shoes, so that we can get an effective stress surface on the soles of our feet.

3. Bluetooth headset, sports smartwatch

Scientists have pointed out that if we listen to passionate music during exercise, we can improve our exercise status and mental equipment during exercise, and improve our body’s exercise level. So, a pair of headphones that are not bound by the headphone cord can make us more passionate when exercising.

Although there is dynamic music in the gym, there are a lot of shouts mixed in the music, so you still wear headphones, let yourself be indulged in the passionate music, and make exercise more efficient!

Smartwatches can not only help you accurately grasp the exercise time, but also detect your exercise data. It is a very convenient electronic product. You can click on the KOSPET Rock Smartwatch this sports watch, has 20 sports modes, it is worth a try.

4. Sports quick-drying underwear

For girls, it is very important to wear suitable sports underwear when exercising.

Because there are no muscles on the breast surface, it only depends on ligaments and surface skin for support, so you must wear sports underwear when you exercise, and once your chest is injured during exercise, irreversible consequences will occur.

When girls buy sports underwear, their usual underwear is different. They should choose different sports underwear according to their own exercise intensity. Generally speaking, they will be more restrained and wrapped.

5. Sports backpack.

The sports backpack can actually tell a person's love for sports. Because it can give people the visual effect that everyone will see, if you are a person with a sense of ritual, then a cool backpack can give you a kind of, (I'm going to exercise, have you seen it? ) This feeling.

In fact, the structure of a good sports bag is as important as its content. A good bag must be durable, easy to clean, and have enough space to store and classify various necessities, otherwise, you will have to find one thing. Pour out everything to find, such a backpack is a waste.

6. Toiletries.

After you have finished your fitness activities, you must have been sweaty. If you can't go home and take a shower, then your large enough backpack should put the toiletries you need, towels, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, these are all essential, you don't want to go to work stinking all over, right.

7. Energy supplements.

The energy supplements mentioned here are not about noodle soup, snacks, desserts, etc., but for you to replenish protein or potassium that is easily lost by the body during exercise.

We can eat some potassium-rich foods, for example, a banana is easy to carry, or a moderate amount of protein powder soaked in water.

Protein is very beneficial and can quickly help the body to gain muscle growth after exercise. In addition to eating protein after exercise, we can also eat carbohydrates that are easily absorbed.


As a newcomer to the gym, after preparing this necessary equipment, it is time to go to the gym for sweaty workouts.

Of course, some senior fitness experts may need wrist guards, knee pads, and booster belts, but for ordinary novices, the above equipment is enough. Too much equipment that cannot be used at this stage will only increase your psychological burden.