The world’s first 3+32GB Smartwatch with 8.0MP camera, is it really better than a phone?
  • The world’s first 3+32GB Smartwatch with 8.0MP camera, is it really better than a phone?
    2019-08-26 16:23 By: Ckyrin

    At a time when the audience cannot tell the obvious difference between smartphone and smartwatches’ functions, Kospet has made a further step of introducing a smartwatch that comes with 32GB storage. The Kospet Optimus Pro is now available with up to 3GB of RAM memory. With the expansion of storage, more music, videos, and applications would be saved. Meanwhile, one 8.0MP camera is like the icing on the cake, it’s a great camera to shoot high-quality image when your phone is not available.

    The Kospet Optimus Pro has a 1.39” inch AMOLED screen with 454 x 454-pixel resolution and with 372 PPI. It has sharp, vivid colors. It is a full-color display with full touch screen method of operation. No details on the glass whether it is Gorilla Glass or not, but with the high specs of a feature. We can expect that the glass display is durable, tempered glass with a scratch-proof feature. It has a dual processor with its own operating system in each processor. It has an MTK6739 1.25 Ghz processor running Android 7.7 OS. Another processor NRF52840 using Lite O.S. The Lite OS runs when it is in persistent mode saving battery life with always on display.

    An 800mAh powerful battery is another important strength of Kospet Optimus Pros. Without a SIM card, Optimus Pro can last up to 7days. Comparing with other smartwatches within only Wear OS, Kospet Optimus Pro has dual operating systems (Android OS and Lite OS), the lite OS enable Optimus Pro to have longer stand by time.

    Optimus Pro has various types of watch faces for the customers to pick up. Additionally, the customers can change the strap of Optimus Pro any time to make it more like the business style or sports style. Meanwhile, the bezel set with ceramic material around the display looks fancy and shine!


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