2021 KOSPET Latest Fitness Couples Smartwatch Kospet Magic 4


    β€ΌπŸ“£πŸ“£ KOSPET MAGIC 4 Smartwatch is coming!



    Kospet Magic 4 ⌚ 1.32" Larger Retina Display, Better Field of Vision. Only numbers and a maximum of impressions: 5ATM waterproof, 20 sport modes, 10-day battery life.

    "Write Romantic Times with your partner". KOSPET MAGIC 4 is available in two colors: black & pink. It can be used in as couple style and is the best gift for your lover!



    A picture allows you to understand the "magic place" of #KOSPET MAGIC 4#. Click quickly to learn more and buy it!



  • Does any of your smart watches have NFC and Google Pay function? Do you plan to introduce them in the future?

  • @Reinis Berzins

    Hello dear, thanks for your inquiry! 
    Sorry, currently KOSPET smartwatch does not support NFC and Google Pay functions. But please don't worry, this feature will be one of the functional considerations of our new products in the future. We will evaluate and consider adding it to our new products in the future. Please look forward to it!

    You can follow KOSPET's official social accounts, such as Facebook/Instagram. Once there are new products, we will notify customers as soon as possible!
    Thank you for your support very much!

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