KOSPET PRIME 2 Smartwatch - Flash ROM

  • hello. my camera not working anymore. i didn't use my watch for 2 months and it was offline.  i see black screen when i open the camera. i also installed 3rd part camera apps but still not working. can you please help me for solve this issue?

  • @uğur tekeli 

    Hi Dear users, we are sorry for the unexpected problem.
    In order to better solve your problem, please provide the firmware version of your PRIME 2 smartwatch, and the related pictures of the problem, and send it to our official KOSPET after-sales email: after-sales@kospet.com. We will verify the problem for you and solve it for you, please don't worry!

  • Hola desde hace quince dias la cámara no me funciona. He probado con aplicaciones de terceros y sigue sin funcionar.

    Lo peor de todo es que la videollamadas no funciona, antes al menos salian invertidas pero ahora la pantalla aparece oscura.

    Necesito ayuda. Gracias.

  • @Antonio Gomez Molina 

    Hi Dear users, We apologize for the unexpected issue!

    In this case, it is recommended that you download the KOSPET PRIME 2 smart watch toolkit for Flashing. If it does not work.
    Please describe your problem in detail and attach pictures/video, contact our official after-sales email, our after-sales colleagues will solve it for you. Email: after-sales@kospet.com

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