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  • My 4 year old added a pattern to my Optimus 2 and I can't get back into the watch. I see in the user manual says the following to unlock it:

    4) Forgot the unlock pattern? The watch cannot be unlocked?
    Visit the KOSPET official forum, download the flash tool and firmware (Re-flash
    Rom), and flash the watch.


    Now, I've already downloaded what I need to download but what is the rest of the steps to complete the factory reset for the watch so I can start using it again?



  • @Preston Crissey Hi Preston, when you download the relevant tools and ROM, you can refer to our tutorial to upgrade the watch. The restart will solve your forgotten password problem. In order to solve your problem as soon as possible, our after-sales team has contacted you by email to solve your problem. Please do not worry : )

  • @KOSPET Official I've downloaded the 1.4 version but still have no clue what I'm doing? I was hoping to watch a video or something. It seems to be very complicated. I love the watch but I can't get back into it bc my son added this security pattern on it. Can someone please help? Thanks

  • @Preston Crissey Hi Preston, please don't worry, our after-sales technical team has contacted you via email and will solve the problem for you one-on-one. Please pay attention to the email information, we will guide you to solve the problem.

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